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Fractal Journeys - 14

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Today I had a very close call. Having felt like I had made a reliable pathway to the teaching spheres, I was less on my guard. Thinking ahead to the possibility of more direct communication with the spheres caused my mind to lapse from its habitual defence, and the Lightning took its chance to strike.

At the last moment, sensing its growing presence, I made a desperate attempt to shield myself. Instinctually this took place through the concentration on the explosive form the spheres had twice shown me now. It must have done some good, becuase although the lightning form was able to penetrate my consciousness, the searing knives were dimmer this time. I maintained enough of myself to be able to 'capture' the impression included below. Its beauty rendered in this way belies its fearful aspect. This is truly only representative of a single moment in the presence of this being; it underwent the most varied transformations, but I could not capture them.

I was unable to meet my teachers this time, and took instead to assimilating their last communication with what I had been learning from the texts I had been patiently gathering.

I feel it must be the case that the kind of beings which I am encountering in this space are constituted in ways that coincide with the laws that naturally prevail in the fractal world. Just as the trajectory of a ball thrown in the normal three dimensions follows a logical path constrained by a few simple laws dealing with inertia, gravity, time, and distance, so too the behavior of the fractal beings must surely follow the patterns that are rightful to the laws of their realm. It will be increasingly important for me to discover these laws if I am to make headway with the fractal beings. Clearly this world is fraught with both unimaginable opportunity for advancement as well as with unknown dangers.

My studies have provided me with some indications on this score. I have realized that the event I experienced with the golden spheres, in which they... copied part of me and enfolded it into themselves, is a manifestation of an essential aspect of their world. Like the laws of Newton are to the mechanics of physical motion, so is the law of self-similarity to the fractal beings.

As far as I have been able to theorize, this basic law forms the primary basis upon which these beings communicate. They do not have the outer sensory organs like eyes and ears as we do; they rather sense their world (and give back to that world) in completely different ways. Primarily this involves what, for lack of a better term, I will call sympathetic motion. Somehow the movement of these beings constitutes their language, and they are able to "hear" by moving sympathetically with their surroundings.

I have mentioned before that everything is in constant motion in the fractal worlds: nothing stands still. Perhaps stillness, like it does in our world, signifies death here as well. Its absence certainly precludes any form of communication, let alone intelligence or life.

My best analysis--along with my intuition, something I take pains to include and develop along with my intellect--suggests that the golden spheres took it upon themselves to move sympathetically with whatever parts of me were available to them in the fractal world (the astounding gap in my knowledge of exactly what part of me translates into the fractal worlds is somewhat disconcerting to me.) Essentially, how I am moving through the fractal worlds constitutes a kind of communication, like a sort of radio broadcast for any beings who wish to 'tune in'. As the spheres moved in sympathetic vibration with me, they were literally 'reading me'... but what was I saying?!

Clearly this is an important avenue for me to explore experimentally, and I shall endeavor to do so in my next excursion. Meanwhile, here is the distant view of the lightning being, as promised:

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