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Fractal Journeys - 01

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Seven-Wings 1

It has finally happened! Worlds within worlds await, and I am--as far as I know--uniquely positioned to be their first explorer. In time I suspect I will teach others how to experience the fractal dimensions directly, but for now I remain alone, and capable of seeing whatever lies in wait without fear of any interference. Revealing my technique now would be imprudent, but I recognize that you, intelligent reader, are thus forced to take what I say on faith, and for this I apologize.

What I can say is that I first discovered how to cross to the ... well, it's not the 'other side', because fractal dimensions are sort of inside the normal ones, through a bizarre set of circumstances that you probably would find dubious anyway. Luckily I now have the proof I've been working these hard years for, giving me reason to start this journal as a record of my explorations.

Perhaps it is better to say that the fractal dimension found me rather than give the impression that I am somehow completely in control of the process; this is something I will have to continue to work on. Needless to say, upon learning how to venture into this other realm (or realms...?), I found myself confronted with the most curious experiences. Time, such as it is, will likely find its own judgment; for my part, I will endeavor to provide as truthful and accurate account of my experiences as I am able, and in this I suspect my scientific training will be invaluable.

That said, such experiences are terribly difficult to describe, because we humans are not used to working in fractional dimensions, despite the fact that we could not (I now know) survive without them. But I cannot contain my discovery any longer, and must commit it to this record, so that my mind can rest knowing that this information is not relgated solely to my own mind: the fractional dimensions, a some theorists (who shall remain nameless, now and likely forever because of this discovery) had so flippantly assumed, are not a desolation of pure abstraction, but are inhabited by the most amazing ... creatures? beings? entities? Well, by something!

Again, normal experience fails us here. Apparently, there are beings which live (entirely?) within the fractal dimensions, occupying their irrational spaces with the ease of fish in water. I have encountered only a few such beings yet, and feel still a neophyte when it comes to identifying what appear to my senses there. Such strange and wondrous things! Words do them no justice... which is why I have tasked myself to create a means of conveying their nature in another way. The fact that you are reading this means I have succeeded!

I have discovered that it is possible to 'translate' (a good a word as any) experiences within the fractal dimensions into more palatable forms; specifically, I have been able to use a technique that allows me to render visual impressions of what I have seen on my travels -- this is the proof I spoke of earlier, and makes all the difference, for otherwise who would believe my tale, especially knowing that I cannot (and choose not to) reveal everything in a single stroke?

It has taken some refinement for this technique to yield coherent results (moving in fractal dimensions plays strange tricks on one's senses), but I have perfected it enough to finally begin to share some of my experiences.

Alas, I have no objective record of all the previous experiences I have had that led me to this point; they are only preparation in any case, and I will mention them no more. Armed with my new technique, I have almost immediately come across a most majestic being, which appeared in such clarity and distinction that I am still taken aback. I have given it the name Seven Wings, because it manifested as if like an angel, spinning out from the periphery and back again.

Seven Wings 1With my new technique I have 'captured', as it were, the image here. Clicking it brings up a larger version that shows some of the amazing intricacy of this fractal being.

What does this mean? I do not yet know, but clearly we are not alone.



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