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Fractal Journeys - 03

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Seven-Wings 3

Seven Wings 3Today I met Seven Wings again as I journeyed into the fractional worlds. Was this by chance, or is this particular being trying to communicate with me in some way?

Seven Wings, so far, is my most reliable companion on the between-side, having appeared to me a number of times. Perhaps this is due to its relative simplistic form, much like a flower (but with seven petals!), but suffice it to say that the impression I get from this being is much stronger and more coherent than the minute flashes and glimpeses I get of even stranger beings of which I know nothing yet.

It has shown me that it (I cannot discern any correlate to gender in the fractional realms... perhaps this is only due to ignorance, or perhaps such beings have no gender) is capable of some deviation from it's normal seven-fold symmetry. Does this mean it can be spontaneous?

What do the changes which this being deigns to show me signify? Is there some reason for the seemingly significant change in its colour? Or am I only fantasizing that these beings even recognize my presence, let alone wish to establish communication? What if the beings here are completely lacking in higher faculties? Do I journey alone?

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