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Fractal Journeys - 15

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A gift

Today brought me the perfect opportunity, which I seized immediately, having prepared for days. I am getting more adept at moving around in the fractal worlds: I was able to 'find' the spaces in which the golden spheres make their abode relatively easily.

Rather than simply wait to see what would unfold, as was my previous mode of operation, I took the initiative, and approached the nearest golden sphere. As I did so, I held the intention in my consciousness of a desire to communicate with the being. It, and it alone, rose up out of the roiling sea in which it was floating and came nearer to me; I noticed that there was still a 'copy' of myself within the sphere. We faced each other, and I, with continued focus on the other being, began to... warp myself.

This is hard to explain, but I will do my best. It is very similar to what it is like when one is lying still in bed or sitting quietly in a chair, and focuses on the space occupied by the physical body, but then carefully and intentionally warps that space into a new configuration. It is almost enough to say that one imagines being in a new shape and form, but the word is too close to the idea of fantasy. Perhaps I should call it Imagination, with a capital "I", to indicate that this kind of concentration has a certain lawfulness to it which is non-arbitrary, allowing one movement to follow the next in a sequence that constitutes a coherent whole, while remaining free and creative at the same time. Goethe would be able to explain it better than I.

Nevertheless, I intentionally warped myself slowly into a different shape, Imagining myself become a sphere (the simplest shape, perhaps). The being in front of me, to my delighted astonishment, immediately responded. Whereas before it had a certain amount of both surface and inner complexity to it (not withstanding the image of me mirrored within), now it became much more clear and pristine, standing before me in something very much like the image I was Imagining for myself.

This spurred me to try something else. I transformed again, stage by stage, into a sort of simpified three-dimensional heart shape. The fractal sphere in front of me was following my change even as I was accomplishing it, acting for all the worlds like an outer mirror of my inner intention. Then something occurred to me, perhaps because of the shape I had chosen. In addition to holding the shape of the heart, I began to form through my Imagintion the feeling of the symbol of the heart: its warmth, its passion, and most strongly, the connotation of love.

HeartApparently I had hit on something, because the once spherical being in front of me responded dramatically, transforming into a multi-layered heart that had far more complexity than what I was capable of holding in my single mind. Luckily I was able to capture a still reproduction for your benefit.

Unfortunately, this also shifted my concentration and I 'relapsed' into whatever my natural form was, and the fractal being likewise transformed into the form I had been most familiar with. However, I had the distinct impression that as it was coalescing around the complex heart shape, it was doing just what I had done: imbuing what otherwise was a purely 'outer' shape with something of an 'inner' meaning. But in the case of these beings, that 'inner' aspect actually takes expression by virtue of the way in which it shows itself in an 'outer' way. In other words, it was indicating to me that the very distinction between inner and outer may be less ontological than I had heretofore assumed. These beings oustides were their insides!

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