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Fractal Journeys - 09

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Today I met again the Julian Amoeba. It fluctuated and involuted as I approached. Strangely, and unlike any previous encounters, it swirled up, around and through me -- or I through it -- and left me with a sense of the inevitabilty of choice, as if no choice is meaningless. It is difficult to explain, but I feel like I almost saw my intention before me: a drive to discover, to explore, to know.

This intention served as my guide -- but this time I managed an intention tempered by focused listening. There are many... currents pulling this way and that in the fractal dimensions, which are only perceptible once room is made for their appearance. They come to me like undulating threads of light, providing not so much an overt directionality as an unmistakable gesture of motion. I am learning to ride these currents, which today took me to the most beautiful realm, populated by spherical variations of all sorts, self-embedded and infinitely complex.

WaviclesI seemed thrust in front of these beings, who dodged this way and that on a sea of involuted light. And then... something shifted. You see, as my attention was focused on these beings, somehow a part of me... divided? Split off? Like casting off one's clothes at the end of a long day, a part of my self was shed, still maintaining its shape, but looking otherwise like them. It - I - peered back at myself peering at myself; I was one but I was two. Both here and there, both self and simultaneously other.

The spheres morphed into a frothy foam upon a vast shoreline breaking against nothingness, and took me, the shell of myself, into themselves, like macrophages on the prowl, or maybe like a child enfolded into the waiting arms of a mother -- you see it was a completely different experience from both of my... perspectives.

After witnessing, and being witnessed by, this strange occurence, I was... ejected. Thrust back into the waiting world of integral dimensionality, with none of the recursive unwinding that normally accompanies this transformation. It was harsh, and it took me quite a while to recover. And something was missing.

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