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Fractal Journeys - 17

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Following the insights of the previous events, I have been led to a new fundamental principle operative in the fractal realms: recursion. Indeed, self-similarity is a form of recursion, whereby one finds oneself on scales both greater and smaller--perhaps infinitely!

This opens up for me in a new way something of the mysterious nature of the communication I had with the golden spheres in which they 'said': "The All evolves through itself. Every step is simultaneously a step within and a step without. To know the world, examine yourself. To know yourself, examine the world."

Of course! I see now that evolution and transformation occur through their own modifications. In other words transformation happens because of the principle of recursion, of the continual cycling and re-cycling of transformation itself. There is no other way to put this than that transformation transforms itself. Do you see? The expression of one transformation provides the seeds for the new way in which further transformation may take place.

I am reminded strongly of the alchemist's wise image of the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. The snake is in continual evolution through its own self-digestion, which provides it with the form and content upon which it continues its never-ending activity of self-transformation. So its ability to self-transform is due to its self-transformation. I apologize for the seeming paradox of this koan, but the insight is not more plainly expressible in this kind of language.

All this was brought to me when I met a new being in today's journey. It was a fairly simple being (as fractal beings go), and evolved through a series of forms that I was able to capture below. This being was expressing to me something of the nature of its own history and life. At each moment its form and movement was both predicated on its previous form and motion, while being capable of taking on new shapes in new ways. But it brought home the principle of recursion when it involuted itself back into its original form, becoming the seed for itself to be born again.

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