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Fractal Journeys - 02

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Seven-Wings 2

Seven Wings 2It is difficult to stay focused when one crosses outside -- no, between -- the boundaries of normal space and time. So far, my attempts to explore the fractional worlds only allow me to remain coherent for the tiniest moments -- just enough (if conditions are right, although I have no idea what such conditions might be, yet) to solidify an impression that can submit to visual rendering. Thus it is difficult to distinguish between one sensation and another, for I have no basis upon which to judge the beginning or ending of any activity.

Today, however, as I was subjecting my consciousness to the strange Moebius like self-morphing that permits me to see what otherwise cannot be seen, I had the feeling that I can only describe as recognition. What I had thought at first to be a separate beings is, I now believe, singular, capable of presenting itself in a variety of forms. Of course I speak of Seven-Wings. This feeling of recognition accompanied the manner of apperance of the being, which shows itself through a certain kind of majestic symmetry that remains invariant.

This experience has convinced me that true persistance and identity are natively possible in the fractal dimensions. If singular identities are possible, this opens up a whole new set of potentials, including all the activities predicated on the interaction and relation of similar but unique individuals.

A further rendering (above) of Seven Wings, the fruit of today's journey, may show you some of the variety through which the beings encountered there can manifest.

Click for a more detailed view. I have also refined my technique a little, allowing me to make imprints of varying resolution. You may find either the 1600x1200 or the 2048x1536 version to your liking.

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