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Fractal Journeys - 16

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Such discoveries! I am still reeling from my last contact, trying to discern what it all means. But I think I can safely say that I have found a key to communicating with the fractal beings. i realize that my scientific training has only been able to take me so far; much of what I have discovered has been due to the artistic and aesthetic aspects of my background. Rather, i should say that I could not have done this work without both scientific and aesthetic sensibilities: they form a necessary unity lacking which many of the ripest fruits of this realm would remain on branches too distant for my consciousness to reach, let alone savor.

I mentioned self-similarity in my previous entry. I have had occasion in my next foray to reinforce the importance of this concept. The fractal beings not only sense their world and communicate to it through enfolding it self-similarly within themselves, but I have come to the conclusion that indeed, this is part of the basic process of their very life.

Finding my way again quickly to the spheres (luckily no sign of the lightning being for a while now), I undertook a more intense session with them. We were in each other's presence for a long while, transforming this way and that, from shape to shape, in a kind of improvisational fractal dance of becoming. It felt much more like play this time; exploration for exploration's sake, and it was joyous!

But at one point many of the spheres gathered around, making a formation that caused me to become more passive as I awaited what would happen next. Then they performed the most amazing series of transformations, which seemed, I am quite sure, coreographed especially for my benefit. It was as if they had been waiting until they had sufficient proof that I was capable of understanding them before they undertook a more serious communication. What had come before was the equivalent of children's tales; now I was ready for a Goethe or Shakespeare.

I cannot completely describe how the beings moved, but remember that how they move constitutes the content of their communication. Rather than poorly translate, I will paraphrase, since I was able to capture some of the sequence more directly, and which is presented below for your own analysis. Perhaps you can see more in their transformations than I (and it is, ultimately, my hope that others will walk more skillfully where I am now treading).

My own estimation is that the beings were speaking to me about how they arise--their engenderment, as it were. I have been wondering about this, of course, and a careful reader will realize that between the lines of this text fall many unasked and unanswered questions, one of which revolves around the idea of identity. What constitutes a 'single' being here, and how would I know? And where do 'new' fractal beings come from anyway? Upon what laws does their appearance rest?

The display they performed for me today goes some way in elucidating this mystery. It seems that the production of new forms in the fractal worlds is always a kind of re-production; a transformation, modification, or progression of some form already in existence. I have no idea here how to address the obvious question to which this logic leads: is there some 'original' form? And if so where does it come from? For now one step at a time is quite sufficient to occupy my full attention and wonder.

In any case, each fractal being seems 'spawned' through a sort of re-iteration, a copying that is not just of equivalence, but includes an unequivocal element of dynamism. I sense now that understanding the nature of this dynamism is likely a central key to the whole picture, but as of yet this aspect remains shrouded in the darkness of the unknown.

I think you can likely see for yourself in the excerpt below that the whole form and structure and movement of the fractal beings is predicated on both self-similarity and a certain deviation from self-similarity... dare I say, a certain creativity. I understand that it may be poor scientific form to speak of creativity in the context of something like this, which feels to be the equivalent in the fractal realms of Darwininan evolution in our own world. But any scientist who cannot admit the fundamental creativity of the universe seems a poor soul indeed. Whether its creativity occurs through merely natural processes or with the addition of some divine intelligence is beside the point; its capacity for diversity is cause for awe.

Nevertheless, it appears to be the case that in the fractal dimensions, new forms are created through transformations of the beings currently there. Forms can be 'spun off' through a process around which I have yet to find clarity, but it is clear that this forms an analogue to how reproduction occurs in our world, in which the genes (read: forms) are capable of combining with each other in ways that are both constrained and inclusive of great novelty. Indeed, I am learning more and more from my journeys here that everything is operating through a continual dynamic balancing between freedom and constraint.

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