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Fractal Journeys - 12

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Courage found its waxing after days of rest, and today brought me again into the fractal realms. I have been feeling better, and entered this time with relative ease. This left me with the will to imagine a new encounter with the spheres; I held them intently in my mind, always conscious of the various flowing currents about me.

I drifted purposefully through the voids, and at length noticed a change in my environment. I turned about me with my attention, and felt dread penetrate as I spied that nameless source of lightning coming from the depths below. Of course, below here is meant figuratively - it is more accurate to say that it came from deeper within the fractioned spaces around me, but the psychological aspect was the same, and immediately I fled. Luckily for me, the being did not pursue, for reasons I doubtless could not fathom.

Left to my own devices, I resumed my 'course', and was in time met by a phalanx of the golden spheres, still occupied by my own visage, as if they carried distorted mirrors of all shapes that reflected only myself and nothing of my surroundings.

BoomKnowing that these beings maintained an unknown level of intelligence has brought a whole new aspect to my explorations. Now, seeing the spheres arrayed around me, I am taken with a deep sense of humility; in their world, what am I? But then they/I spoke.

The sensation of countless stars being born throughout my mind and forming themselves into complex patterns was similar to my previous experience, but this time the whole experience was muted, as if veiled by some obscuring cloud. I could see the spheres expand and contract in waves, and felt like the ocean was dancing. It was difficult to make out the meaning of the moving forms that worked within me, but I did catch this: the beings had expended considerable effort to open the channels between us, for they had something definite to communicate.

A strange sensation overtook me: I was filled with a deep feeling of foreboding, of... impending. Simultaneously I had a real desire to do my part, and to learn how to communicate with these magnificent beings on their own terms. As soon as this desire filled my consciousness, a brief but unmistakable form presented itself to me, like an explosion of color and form, burned into my mind. Immediately upon its disappearance, everything seemed to relax, and the spheres percolated softly into the distance. I know not what this spiraling explosion of form signifies, but it still radiates within me.

Boom: 1600x1200, 4000x3000

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