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Fractal Journeys - 07

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Julian 2

Julian 2A breakthrough! I had spent myself so thoroughly on the effort of maintaining coherence in the fractional dimensions that I finally gave myself up to the invisible currents rather than attempt to push my way through them.

It seems that the fractional worlds work with a logic that is more variable and flexible than what we are used to here. There are coherent... movements in the spaces that seem to exist even when no beings are in occupance: apparently I had been fighting these currents with the strict formulation of my attention, and missed these movements entirely.

My exhaustion led me to an experience of listening that made these swirling, involuting motions somewhat apparent to me, and I could sense that my previous intent had been at cross purposes with the flow in which I found myself. By reattuning somewhat, I was greeted again by Julian, who has shown me a new side, just as astounding as its last.

Recognizing the existence of the coherent stretching and twisting flows in the fractional dimensions has sparked another idea in my ever-wandering mind. Whether or not it will bear fruit remains to be seen, but I think I may be able to take much more than baby steps; the fractional worlds are infinite, I suspect, and I have as yet only seen the most minute fraction (!) of what may be possible...

Julian 2: 1600x1200, 3000x2250

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