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Fractal Journeys - 04

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Seven-Wings 4

Seven Wings 4Oh my! What a surprise I had today, when my journey into the fractional dimensions brought me again to my old-friend Seven Wings. Today it (although I'm beginning to feel that it is a he -- I cannot justify why this is so, however) did the most remarkable transformation.

As soon as he appeared this time, I -- on the basis of some doubts that I had been feeling about the potential for higher capacities in these beings -- had resolved to make some more direct attempt at communication. It was time to cease my shy observing and see what could be made of the situation.

I had no inkling of how to proceed, and (lacking my normal form in this bizarre world), couldn't simply use my accustomed means of direct speech and action. Yet I had intent, and this proved to be enough: as Seven Wings spun up from below, I concentrated on his form, which took the usual seven-fold structure. Instead of merely observing, I willed my intent that Seven Wings should produce a marked change if it could perceive my mind.

You can see for yourself the amazing result! A complete transformation that almost seems an inversion. I cannot capture the experience completely, and the image that I have been able to produce of the event can only be a marginal link to the true appearance of such a being. He pulsed and twisted right in front of my 'eyes', almost as if he were dancing.

Seeing Seven Wings transform so directly has given me an idea for how to approach my next journey...

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