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Fractal Journeys - 13

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Not knowing what I must do to make more direct communication between the beings that I now regard as some kind of teacher (I still don't know if I am dealing with one being or many), I have resolved to take a varied approach. The first order of business will be to learn all I can about the fractal dimensions from the academic sources available to me. Of course I have encountered works from this realm before, but my initial interest in the subject was never academic; it was experimental and experiential. For this reason I had cause to dust the pages of the weighty tomes only lightly with my attention; greater depth was now required.

My second tactic is more subtle and in keeping with the tendencies of my nature: I will endeavor to recreate for myself, inwardly, the constellation of sensations and feelings that accompanied the first experience of clear communication, so that I may examine both its nature and production. Having already begun along such lines, I can say that such a course of action requires a kind of concentration that is at once focused and playful. It is not enough to remember; I must be creative. I didn't have to wait long to try out an experiment.

FlareEntering the fractal dimensions today led me almost immediately to the spheres; they now looked very different to me, although I was sure that these were the same beings (or being?). With little preliminary motion or intention, all but one faded into the background. The one that was left approached me and began to change. As it did so, I commenced my own transformation.

I let myself become malleable, like liquid mercury, allowing my mind to relax and settle more deeply into the fractional spaces. As the fractal being before me slowly began to rotate and involute, I responeded, mirroring its motions with my consciousness. We met.

I became filled with motion and light--and this motion and light were simultaneously speech: not the crude stringing together of letters, but the flow of meaning, in the sense of what the ancient Greeks called "Logos".

Now, back in my normal state of consciousness, I can only make an attempt to translate into actual words the subtle flows of thought that washed over and through me:

"The All evolves through itself. Every step is simultaneously a step within and a step without. To know the world, examine yourself. To know yourself, examine the world."

I know not yet what to say; this presents much food for thought!

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