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Fractal Journeys - 08

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Julian Amoeba

Julian AmoebaI have made the most remarkable advance today! Previously my efforts to peek into the fractal dimensions of the universe yielded only momentary glimpses. The beings I found there would show themselves only for the tiniest of instances, just enough for me to be able to capture them, as it were, photographically.

Following weeks of dedicated work, I have recently discovered a new technique for voyaging into the fractal world that allows me to be much more fully present, allowing me to remain coherent for several minutes: enough that I can record significant extended portions of our 'conversation'.

I was very pleased, upon trying this new technique, to immediately encounter the most wonderful being, who seemed to perhaps be some kind of ... gatekeeper? Or at least, I had the impression that it had seen me approach and was either welcoming me or maybe warning me; of what, I cannot be sure.

I cannot yet tell if this being is the same as the previous Julian form I have encountered: but the forms seem strikingly similar enough that I have named this gatekeeper the Julian Amoeba, because of its life-like membranes which changed and morphed in the most fascinating ways. Things are so much different with this techique that it is hard to compare with the old way of doing things, and my own intuition may thus be a bit untrustworthy. I suspect that I shall get used to it, and will develop correspondingly more accurate perceptions as I continue onward.

This new technique is not yet compatible with my old 'photographic' technique, so the image above had to be extracted, as it were, from the new moving-picture method, reducing its resolution. Perhaps one day I shall learn to further refine my methods to allow for more detail -- these beings surely deserve it!

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