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The Elements as an Archetype of Transformation:
An Exploration of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire

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Table of Contents (clickable)

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Abstract Fire      
Chapter 1 – Introduction and Background to the Study Earth      
Chapter 2 – Method Water      
Chapter 3 – Literature Review Air      
Chapter 4 – The Theory of the Elements Fire Earth    
  · The Elements in Isolation     Earth  
    - Earth       Earth
    - Water       Water
    - Air       Air
    - Fire       Fire
  · The Elements in Relation     Water  
    - Being-in-Earth       Earth
    - Being-in-Water       Water
    - Being-in-Air       Air
    - Being-in-Fire       Fire
  · The Elements in Polarity     Air  
  · The Elements as Mandala     Fire  
    - Using the Elemental Mandala in an Earthy Way       Earth
    - Using the Elemental Mandala in a Watery Way       Water
    - Using the Elemental Mandala in an Airy Way       Air
    - Using the Elemental Mandala in a Fiery Way       Fire
Chapter 5 – Applications of the Elemental Cycle   Water    
  · Broad List of Applications     Earth  
  · A Personal Note about the Process     Water  
  · Discussion of Example Applications     Water  
  · Limitations and Boundaries       Air  
  · Areas of Potential     Fire  
Chapter 6 – Into the World: Dialogue and the Elemental Cycle   Air    
  · Basic Theory of Elemental Dialogue     Earth  
    - Earth Communication: Informational       Earth
    - Water Communication: Discussion       Water
    - Air Communication: Conversation       Air
    - Fire Communication: Dialogue       Fire
  · Experiences and Applications     Water  
  · Responses to the Elemental Cycle     Air  
  · Practical Communication through the Elements     Fire  
    - Earth Characteristics and Techniques       Earth
    - Water Characteristics and Techniques       Water
    - Air Characteristics and Techniques       Air
    - Fire Characteristics and Techniques       Fire
Chapter 7 – Review and Summary Example: The Alchey of the Image   Fire    
  · Image and Fact: Earth     Earth  
  · Image and Process: Water     Water  
  · Image and Reversal: Air     Air  
  · Image and Meaning: Fire     Fire  
  · The Elemental Mandala   Earth    
Appendix A: Understanding and Using the Elemental Cycle (A Practical Primer) Earth      
Appendix B:  The Fifth Element        
Appendix C:  On Goethean Phenomenology        


Each section is written in accordance with the principles of the elemental cycle, moving through four levels of the cycle - perhaps this image, depicting three embedded levels, will help get the idea across:

Elemental Cycle - Iterations

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