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your whispers dewy rise

your whispers dewy rise oh quiet quiet
into my dawn heart so full I almost die
please(kissme) so gentle sylvan (never)leaves
sighing into green me lofting your yeses
unhurried caresses eyes full (withpromise
you make my blood red

weep with me of time,unforgotten)
and silently wondered unimpossibles past or yet
shhhhhh we are oneandnothing more than
ever was forgotten – so now is is
this unendingness of so brilliantly us you see?
sweeping bell(‘)s sound this edenly surprise

did I (mention, love? you absolute
like it could unendingly bloom true
watering how only subtle sun your words
and everythingever that was love now
in time unspent is white and near
so close burning it is wonderful, a kiss

because, because beauty, yes
and whatever we wish to say is
like all the widenesses so spring
arising rise the budded lemon song of you
leaving me nothing but numberless smile
and my hand in yours forever

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