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you are a revelation

you are revelation dancing
 between softlessly folded flames of night;
            a thrumming singing of opening sky
   awhirl amidst washed, wasted words of this world

   elsewheres in our hearts
 divine justice seems to have fallen(likestars)
 and gathered into a fathomless pool
into which we –
       young at first and unknowing)
   hurl ourselves abandonlessly.

 - there among sharpened quick shadows we glide
sensing (          )     lessly knowing our slipful path.
              shhhh,     in the lulling darknesses we sometimes lose our feet
   find ourselves unlongingly in lingering past
            a little confused perhaps
  still but in love

because somehow
                  morning’s dewy light
        found shining its way into your smile
  ,and it deepens me

do you seem (i do)
   beingly here:
   spaciously in the movingnesses of time
 giving and spinningly free
laughing into rising rain
alight with morrow’s suns
   always dancing anyway

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