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yellow maple

i want to become the yellow maple
  sink my roots into dirty earth
sip sanguine sunshine through languid leaves

i want to test the limits of color
  find the boundaries between light and dark
and slip in amongst the surfaces of things

i want to fashion of my soul a sounding bell
  tuned to vibrate with the thoughts of the earth
so that through me the creative tone can re-sound

i want to share the brilliance in the wind
  the wisdom of the falling leaves
and the deep compassion of the waters

i wish for the people of the world to know they live in grace
  that their every moment is a gift
and that every breath can be a triumph

the future of these worlds drips from my soul like honey
  and i call to them with the boundaries of my consciousness:
come, be as a seed in my soul
  and i shall water you with my life

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