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wind guesses

we are the guesses of the wind
winding through summer boughs like lazy butterflies
whisked away by the fragrant whims of morning moondrops
and fooled into believing that the universe is constructed of petals and songs

when we watch the languid layers of skyclouds drift in each other's eyes
i wonder what secret long-ago wish has found its fruit at last
in the joyful tenderness of this moment
sipping sweet sunfire though our skin

my way is lost in the rhythmed waves of your breath
which wash saturn's salty sweat into the bosom of waiting earth
to become the seeds of songs yet unsung
and i forget everything but your smile

but you catch the scent of music on the horizon,
look at me with waiting eyes--and i know it is time to go--
what now, is waiting in the wind? we whisper
your guess is as good as mine

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