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the waltz (for mother)

frozen angel snowwings
gliding in perfect still infinity of white
float down on the earth's zen dream
transmuting swirling, dancing braids of light
into timeless question of colour-laden wonder

in such a moment of absoluteness all things become as crystal,
our minds conform to the meditations of our senses, each thought a geometry
of light and time placed one against another with clarity and definition,
every edge and boundary perfect and thick with purpose

the possibility of such beauty makes our lives seem small and confined,
our highest strivings but innocent playings in the shallow waves
unaware of the unfathomable vastness of the ocean beyond,
while gifting us, in a startling infinitesimal awakeness,
the shrouded image of our own unfathomable deeps

this can only mean we are here for a purpose -
a muse beyond reckoning must ply this subtle body
and fit its quivering mass into the waltzing waves of life,
sliding in delicate divine dance towards a final, ultimate transformation
into a single, perfect, still infinity of white

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