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the things of this world know harmony

the things of the world know harmony
how gentle layers of chaos mingle in subtle rhythm
they use the Unknown as a balance, a counterweight
for they understand there is no other foundation for beauty

to a sunflower, all the world is a community
permeated by wind, water, and light
the sound of the plains is rich with their golden chorus
and no guest ever stands rejected, for guests are but family extended

to a diamond all motives are rendered selflessly transparent
each one dinging a unique, perfect reflection of the world
wherein the essentials are revealed and witnessed
and no judgment is ever made, for judgments disappear in the light of Truth

to a sunset, all the sky is a canvas
each coloured stroke relinquished to modifications of air, water, and wind
yet somehow the whole is invariably a triumph of light and purity
and no sunset is ever wasted, for each is a gift in freedom, without expectation

we humans are blessed by these things in the world
they speak their truths openly, unerringly
and if we but find the way to listen
there is much we can learn

let your heart by a sunflower
let your mind be a diamond
let your will be a sunset
and give yourself to the rhythm of chaos

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