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the rise of doves

the rise of doves
  spinning arcs solidified in clear purity
flashing across keen sunlit edge
suspended in glassy air
----       to be
            transcended from within
            exploded like a raging sun
            torn apart by beauty absolute
            rendered into an infinity of dawns ----

silence cannot exist
  when life is a testament to the divine,
    in the form of your smile
         when my heart stops
      slips, unbroken, between my ribs
            into your quick palms ----

no motion arises but through love
  no words but through freedom
 no transcendence but though passion ----

sticky life – it clings to me like humid silk
  i feel it soak into my skin,
    follow my movements as i dance

it transmutes my sweat
  into a delicate, energetic coating
  through which i breath
     pores flaring, drinking
       shuddering with life
  i give myself completely,  ----
    dripping with you

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