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swallowing the sun

what spirit speaks the heart re-echoes
its lofty chambers with choric ringing
twist and fold in timely rhythm
the fountain’s deep moods springing

unshadowed now, revealed and waking
all forge and fire, veils rent aside
the swallowed sun, see! - beaming again
‘cross the rivers, stride in stride

the call’s heard round from distant shores
the ferryman’s change cast far away
for the light, in the light of what must come
all self’s entreating sleeps this day

for no ‘troth be had ‘cept to purest gold
with transforming beat of future’s time
sounding now through wordless Love
the spinning forth of spiral line

seen from above, auricles embracing
hearing blood’s poems shouting alight
the heart, this heart, carries forth the sign
and the eye awakens in the night

The Swallowed Sun

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