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silly chris (I)

hello mr chris, are you listening to this
it is wiggly and giggly and shouldn't be missed
it's got big fiery wings and lots of other things
which dingle and dangle from its teeth when it sings
it spits and it spats and it scares all the cats
and it likes to be called “Signore Gumblegats”

so you have to be careful (unless you are dareful)
because it so loves to talk and gives quite an earful
that nearing the end you may find yourself tearful
while the Gumble groans on with his smiling so cheerful
all arms and toes and slathering eyes
slurping his noodles and lying his lies

despair not a whit, there’s not a moment to lose
the time has come, and now you must choose
for the Gumble is coming, it’s coming for you
and it’s planning to eat you, I say it right true
so your choices here follow: you can become Gumble stew,
or open up wide and get the Gumble in you!

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