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quiet miles

oh these quiet miles of sky
like a floating tapestry of a time
slower, gentler, more divine than ours

such permanently shifting colors
cool to warm to cool again
the delicate handiwork of angels and spirits
a caressing beyond any lover’s

these blended hues draw out my soul
or perhaps my soul is just a mirror
a microcosm built from delicate sun-lit weaves
and moon-shadowed mountains

it is like the border between yesterday and tomorrow
given over to frailty and forgetfulness
with only a wisp here and there
to remind you of its passing

my soul is but the sun’s sleepy hues
cast out over spaces wide and restless
the slow forming into a moment of brilliance
and subsequent dissolving into faded night
the horizon for tears, silence, and birth

oops, I forgot my glasses

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