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nothing without anything

Nothing without Anything
Everything without Nothing.
A melting between softly-feathered walls
I sit.

This and That for me and you.
A here a There, we say.
Crawling up six fathered stairs
I sit.

We Yes for Your No.
A breath born in blue stillness
To the seven fingered Sun (he said)
We sit.

The elephant walk proceeds
Through poppied fields of gray
While supping uppies sit and pray
I sit.

No givens given only on Tuesday
Why merrily dangling loose laughing
Left lying unlisted unloomed
I sit.

These passings of fancies and
Callings of grace,
We stuff in our suits
To help finish the race.

And since our meaning is lost
Upon unspoken ears,
We confuse our own words
With the mind of the years.

When given some light,
Or an old cigarette,
We put it all down
To pick up the day’s bet.

You, mother, you Father,
Come give me your tears
And I’ll mix them together
With our white-powdered fears.

You want it you got it
Your opinion’s your own,
But remember be careful
In what it has grown.

These words my own musings,
I give them to you.
And I set them to music
But they’re nothing new.

Just look up and look out
It’s coming for you,
Cause you never do know
What this world’s gonna do.

(go Bob go)

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