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it is what it is

It is what it is,
and we are what we are,
which is why I cried when I got your letter,
so full of beautiful words

an unlooked for grace is upon us
and somehow we have found each other

what slippery twists of destiny and fate
have brought us to this moment,
full of challenge and life?

No sleeping lions can lie yet unseen,
while our heart’s weight finds its true ground,
yearning and calling in the deep night

for this nothing can be traded,
no crystal so fine, no spring day so sweet
can match what we hold together
with thin threads of love
so much stronger than the earth

and in this vision, so terrifyingly bright,
we stand in freedom from ourselves,
all unnecessary garments flung away,
to be left upon the long winding path,
with only each other for company,
and the whole world to gain

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