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it is something inexpressible

it is something inexpressible,
a mesh of sighs and silence,
percolating amidst tiny whispers of newborn hope
in a shadow-ridden, storm-tossed world of eyes

but I am a watcher, a peerer-of-souls
and although gently afloat on my own wine-dark sea
I find my sails continually lifted by your words
a light-bearing call from the unknown

but it is a known unknown
full of deep promises

and for this I am forever in your debt
asking the world only for a gracious tide of strength
or a moment of impeccable insight
that I may come to know you as myself

for in the night, I feel the light-filled pupil of God
pressing up within me, the infinity of stars
like the warm tears of spring
raining through my cloudy veins
the merest sprinkling of the divine –

and I know that you are there with me
somewhere in the mists and the purity
tumbling, in my arms, writhing and resting
cheek pressed to mine

the light in your eyes
a quiet reminder that
you are my angel

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