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i just wanted to write you a poem

I just wanted to write you a poem –
one with flowers and daffodils,
a sweet poem, simple and pure,
like the laughing light in your eyes
when you turn to me and smile.

It would be a nice poem,
not too short and not too long,
just enough to let you know
how much you mean to me.

But it wouldn’t be sappy or dramatic,
not full of heavy metaphors
and serious soliloquies
(time enough for those later) –

No, just a little poem that was happy, romantic,
that expressed how beautiful and wonderful you are,
how your life gives me strength,
how your laugh sustains my soul.

One day I will write such a poem,
and the words will spill from my heart like music,
and dance their way to your waiting ear,
singing all the way, “I love you.”

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