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for the depths

for the depths of the world does my soul ever long
to see it with eyes unclouded by judgment
to find its very axis, taste its life-blood’s song
to swim in its secrets and find its primal element

like a surging tide my slow heart beats
upon spirit shores in far distant land
wherein i see three high, empty seats –
thrones to be filled by my own toiling hands

yet for toil to be not lost and vain
must i with courage, wisdom, and humility too
seek paths to the spirit, so i thus can attain
to highest evolution, the good and the true

not easy, nay, no light stroll is this
forever tripped by desire, led astray by wrath
yet i know journey’s end holds uncommon bliss
if only i can find a light for my path

i must leave behind much, my false treasures relinquish
my selfishness, vanity, judgment and pride
the essential from the non i must learn to distinguish
if from the diving holy spirit i wish not to hide

then with the guardian, untimely will meet
and facing it squarely I must look in its eye
to see my soul opened and spilled at its feet
what little is left standing, now am I

the rest discarded, sent back into the deeps
except what love molded, here in my hands
of all, this alone is allowed me to keep
into all future ages, on this foundation I stand

For the heart that is ardent
All Heaven’s treasures are meant

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