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every so often

Every so often one must step into the UNKNOWN.
When you do, be sure to pack well –
     Take nothing material
     Take no desires
     Take no thoughts
     Take no past
     Take only your SELF
          Only your truth
               Only your love

This is the most terrifying thing possible.
And so you must take all the courage you can muster
You are allowed only one carry-on item –
            Your heart
And everything must fit inside it

You leave alone.
You do not know your destination.
You do not know who you will travel with
      Or meet on the way.
You do now know who may be waiting for you when you arrive.
And you have no idea if anyone at all
Will even notice that you have left your place of origin.

If you are keen you will not be distressed by lack of money
For the only currency on this road is what is formed in your heart.
So in order to ever get paid, you must learn
How to open your heart.
And if you diminish or block the movement of
A fellow-travelers heart-forces, you are stealing.

There will be a million times that you will wonder:
     Where am I?
     How did I get here?
     Where am I going?
Ask instead: “Who is asking these questions?”
It is that one in whom you will find comfort.

And if you feel unprepared
            Pay no attention
Simply pause-
            Gather what you have brought,
                        Truth, love, self,
            And continue on your way

You may not reach your destination
Although you may find yourself at many places along the way
Know that arriving is not up to you –
Your only task is the journey itself.

And if ever someone approaches you,
Be silent, listen with great care,
For he may be your messenger.

Lastly – expect no rewards for following these suggestions
But never fear that your time was not well spent
Walking on this path.

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