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dancing now time

Dancing now time turns naked years ago
So open(ly, from someone’s swimmingly insides
Beyonding me into much you like sleeping unclothed
And terribly question when it is all time and now again now
But forget what everyone else speaks not the what we will
This chest key unclosed in your hand my hand
Together the unlocking lock spin round now and now
Speaking unspokenly these hearts to find whom
Only what in eye’s I’s your.my all I is nothing
Sleep is too nothing so here and fresh as how
Just shifting such is forgetting it all but now
See these words, my valentine roses spun silent and green
softpromise caresses take so snowy warm dawn
Which unremembered never and always but only
Now nothing is but again immanent impending light
And filled lively lovely you in all my wandering spacious
Tender my call wanderings to every us in all this now
Is is perfection this choicely wakened yes
What is all dancing again between please and shall
We all but sing sing sing the green silent roses into now
Here you with undistantly love a softly sent inky true
Into unto our hands all pressed and eager waiting
With the sing blue bird(s feather remembers you
This no dreamly because dancing we are dancing it now

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