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create, you fools!

Create, you fools!
Vanquish yourself in the sublime!
       Let the sighing waves of self-pity, greed,
    Doubt, and fear melt from the hollowed cracks
             Of the chained and frozen mirror of your life –
Cast them, and all that is given, into the immolating fires of the unknown

      Because everyone here is a phoenix,
               Or a coward.

What other purpose could the unyielding,
  Infinite universe possibly possess?
To drag your sorry ass through
  9 yards of barbed wire before breakfast?


Because when you are the salty ashes rising,
  With golden sun beaming from your eye,
  You seek death in everything
  And find it only in yourself –
  In the undying moment
  Beneath all the names and thoughts,
  Where the unspeakable churns,
  That quiet infinite moment
  Where you create

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