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a birthday poem for my mother

Have you ever imagined how it would be
if you lived in an office cubicle and never could leave?
What if you were a stapler, paper-clip or pen?
How do you think you'd like it then?
To be used and abused and generally neglected,
never speaking for yourself, never being respected?

But our friends: rubber-band, file-clip and hole-punch,
are there when you need them to get you out of a lurch.
They willingly give their time and devotion
to act as that all-purpose inter-office lotion,
so that smoothly and without any quarrel
important jobs will get done without worry.

So imagine their surprise when my lunch hour came,
and I approached them with smiles and called them by name:
"Hey Post-It! Ho Sharpie! Hi Marker and Folder!
I've a wonderful task that will make you all bolder!
'Tis my own mother's birthday, she has gained one whole year,
and I must make her a card to give her good cheer!"

They looked at me with wonder and unfeigned surprise,
for no one before had given attention to their sighs.
"What is this task of which you speak?
And in just what way our help do you seek?"
Thus I explained: "From all other tasks are you heretofore barred,
until you help me to make a grand birthday-card!"

A shout and a cheer went up from the crowd,
my co-workers were startled as the sound was quite loud,
but they saw only tools to be used and laid aside,
even though they too could know them, if they only but tried.
I hushed them quickly and we all bent to the task,
for we had to be finished before my lunch hour had passed.

Never before was such cooperation here seen,
the tape was a-flying and from the stapler came steam.
Thus at last through great effort and trial
the task was completed and placed in a file.
Then we all stood back and saw what we had done
and I pronounced it "Good! - Now let's have some fun!"

So look on this card with a careful, keen eye
as there is more than just post-its and staples to spy.
For this card is not ordinary, no sir, not at all!
It is the product of Office-Folk, who stand proud and tall!
What you now hold before you in your very own hand
was made by the caring love of the Merry Office Band!

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