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i remember perfection
a moment suspended
held from above by the heavens
when with every passing second
that you did not remove your hand from my arm
(and mine from yours)
the present became more and more an ocean
an endless expanse of purity, potential
carried by stars, laughter, silence, love, yes

i remember grace
in our hesitation, our courage
your soft, impossible caresses
the way you smiled at the new dawn
with peach yogurt between your lips

i remember unity
how my reflection came to meet me
in you
how our hands, bodies, minds, spirits
how there was nothing more important in the world
than us

i remember forever
the silent sleepingawake promise
giving the truest possible gift
expecting nothing, hoping something, everything

i remember freedom
because in that moment we were completed
every sound a musician’s, every movement a dancer’s
all of it coming from the rainbow space between us
like a sun

and i remember love
terribly, frighteningly unbounded
unexpectedly sudden, pure, golden
just that one simple taste
transformed all pasts, all futures
everything is possible

this and more i remember
these infinite moments
and it is all i can do
to say thank you


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