User-Friendly List of Questions

Earth -

– What are the facts?
– What is different?
– What is unique?
– What could everyone else agree upon?
– What stands out?
– What seems constant?
– What can I count on?
– What is irrefutable?
– What are the pieces?
– What categories do the pieces fit into?
– What feels like a heavy weight, like a solid stone, or like gravity with respect to this phenomenon?
Earth Symbol

Water -

– What is changing?
– Do any of the facts connect to each other?
– Do the facts manifest in a sequence?
– Are there different parts or areas which are self-similar?
– What is the immediate context of the facts?
– What patterns do I notice?
– Are there any rhythms or cycles?
– What are the processes that give rise to the individual facts?
– Is there a specific context that makes the phenomenon more apparent or realized?
– How is one aspect turning into another, seemingly different aspect?
– What about my phenomenon makes me feel like I am floating along, caught in the waves, drowning, or repeating the same thing over and over?
Water Element

Air -

– What is reversing?
– Where do I go if I extrapolate the movements I identified in the Water level to their extremes?
– What is the overall range of manifestation of the major aspects of the phenomenon?
– That is, what are its limits?
– Where does the phenomenon seem to ‘run out’ or dissolve? – What parts do I seem to be unable to focus or concentrate upon?
– If I could imagine the opposite of one part or the whole phenomenon, what would it be?
– How would I feel if this actually happened?
– What about this phenomenon makes me feel like I am losing my moorings completely, like my knowing runs out, like there is no truth, or like every part is equally important or unimportant?
Air Symbol

Fire -

– What is the whole?
– What lies within or behind the phenomenon that allows the seemingly conflicting aspects of the Air level to coexist in a harmony, in a way that is not mutually destructive, but rather is mutually enhancing?
– Do I have a new insight that makes better sense of all the previous levels?
– Is there some subtle aspect of the phenomenon that once seemed insignificant but now seems like the key to the whole thing?
– Do I have the feeling of participating in something larger than myself?
– Do I suddenly notice how this phenomenon shows up in places I never expected or noticed before?
– Do I have the experience that the phenomenon is speaking to me through other, seemingly unrelated aspects of my life and experience? Do I feel transformed in some way?
Fire Symbol