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Physical Qualities

List of Qualities and Behaviors

These mostly apply to the physical manifestation of the elements, but are also able to be understood metaphorically.

Definite Relational Chaotic, Invisible Supersensible
Shaped No intrinsic shape (shape of container's "bottom" and "sides"), or spherical No intrinsic shape whatsoever, fills all space of a container Dynamic shape dependent upon the activity of its medium
Located Shifts location, dependent on balance between outside and inside forces Attempts to fill all space, actively moves to periphery, Dispersive Constantly in motion, and constantly moving other things
Inertial (strongly resists change) Constant change (inner movement), easy to move, changes transmitted via waves to whole medium Moves expansively, quickly, constant connects/disconnects, supremely sensitive Actively transforms other objects (warming, burning, melting, vaporizing, etc.)
All surface, all border, all ‘outside’ Border operates differently than insides, inside vs. outside (surface tension) Borderless, diffuse, all internal boundaries, pressure differentials Activity only, no borders but with location, inside=outside, boundarylessness
Differences, Unconnected Self-connecting, continuity with immediate environment Self-disconnecting, Self-negating, self-dissociation Integrating, Connected to self and others
Indifference Mixes w/ other liquids and gases, connects to solid surfaces (capillary action) Makes way for all other substances, tendency to interpenetrate but not truly mix Contact necessitates change, transformative
Rigid Flowing Expansive, Clear Illuminating
Structured Dependent, flexible Amorphous, reciprocating Dynamic
Centric, Gravity Lateral, planar, spreading Peripheral Levity
No obvious self-movement Rhythmic forms (waves) Vortexial forms, spirals Dynamic forms - infinite possibilities
Cold Wet Dry Warm
Formed Unformed Formlessness Forming
Settling Spreading, Covering Encompassing Pleromic
Existing Dissolving Diffusing Metamorphosing
Frozen Melted Vaporized Combusted


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