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Metaphorical Qualities

Qualities and Descriptors of the Elements

The qualities transform one into the next, from left to right.

Facts Relations Polarities Wholes
Solid Liquid Gaseous Plasmic
Opposing Complementing Reciprocating Enantiodromiating
Gravity Movement Levity Space
Impacting Pulsing Turbulent Resounding
Being Shifting Involuting Creating
Singularities Comparisons Simultaneities Paradoxes
Isolated Connected Interpenetrating Unitive
Self-contained Contextual Unbounded Integral
Uncompromising Compromising Indefinite Facilitating
Stubborn Conforming Waffling Being
Unchanging Changing Chaotic Evolving
Apparent Subtle Hermetic Esoteric
Divisatory Connecting Hyperbolizing Harmonizing
Actual Relational Potential Capacity
Separating Joining Complementing Communing
Objects Processes Inversions Holons
Distinguishing Relating Reversing Unifying
Contrasting Comparing Polarizing Gestalting
Still Flowing Involuting Exploding
Waiting Emerging Reversing Completing
Informing Discussing Conversing Dialoguing
Identifying Trying Waiting Surrendering
Analyzing Processing Brainstorming Creating
Reserved Polite Gregarious Luminous
Informative Orienting Expanding Transformative
Structural Fluid Inverting Dynamic
Instincts Urges Desires Motives
Matter Growth/Decay Sympathies/Antipathies Self
Separate Mixed Layered Holographic
Solitary Independence Dependence Mutual Independence Omni-dependence
Dogmatic Flexible Mutually Accommodating Mutually Supportive
Antipathetic Sympathetic Empathetic Compassionate
Knowing Understanding Wondering Meditating
Obvious Contextual Subtle Insightful
Static Penetrating Interpenetrating Omni-present
Thinking Imagining Inspiring Intuiting
Instantaneous Sequenced Simultaneous Timeless
Individuated Patterned, Rhythmic Random, Probabiliistic Archetypal
Known Felt Unknown Intuited
Just Me Me and You You? Me? We
Speaking Tolerating Listening Acting
Just this This next to that Either this or that Both this and that
Maintaining Balancing, Mediating Extremizing Evolving
Having been formed In the process of forming Loss of all form The activity that does the forming


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